The Francis L. Suter

Private rail travel for the discriminating traveler.

In today's fast-paced world of one-minute managing, microwave meals and mass-marketed travel, the Francis L. Suter provides an opportunity to see the world in an environment of bygone taste and elegance. Originally built by the Pullman Company in 1914 to cater to the travel needs of Pennsylvania Railroad presidents and executives, this privately-owned business rail car is available for your family or group's exclusive conveyance wherever your dreams may take you. The Francis L. Suter boasts the only original functioning fireplace...

Painstakingly restored.

For over five decades, Pennsylvania Railroad Business Car 7503 served PRR presidents and vice-presidents as a rolling, 90-ton office on wheels across the vast PRR system. Outfitted to function as an office to the railroad official, his secretary and crew, it also boasted all the elegant The Francis L. Suter is outfitted
   with 2 marble-trimmed bathrooms... appointments necessary to entertain visiting shippers and dignitaries. Kept virtually intact over the years and spared the dubious “modernization” so popular in the Fifties and Sixties, the Class Z74 car was rescued from a neglected side rail in 1983. Suffering from extensive rust and water damage, it has undergone a series of structural and cosmetic restorations, much of it lovingly performed by hand and under the watchful eye of the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical and Historical Society. From its original nickel-plated fixtures and Italian marble sinks, to its working brass fireplace and porter call box, Pennsylvania Railroad Car 7503--reborn as the Francis L. Suter--is truly a unique piece of history. The oldest car in the United States capable of traveling 110 miles per hour behind a modern locomotive, this legacy of the rich tradition of the Golden Age of Railroading will transport the traveler back to an age when our nation's great railroads were the royalty of transportation.

Charter your own tour.

See North America from a vantage point like no other. The Francis L. Suter can take you and your group wherever the rails travel. Charter your rail car for an evening of entertaining corporate customers, a day of sightseeing with family and friends, a weekend at a bowl game, or an extended tour of the country. A Modern cellular switchboard
   makes vintage phones fully operational. veritable hotel on wheels, the Francis L. Suter can bring you an itinerary customized to your wants and needs. With no transfers to contend with and no hassles of packing and unpacking, the Francis L. Suter can travel as short a distance as Lancaster County's scenic Strasburg-Paradise shortline or across the Amtrak system and beyond.

For Groups of 6 to 16.

Step into the Francis L. Suter, and step back in time. From the “whistle-stop” open platform, you'll enter a cozy parlor with comfortable sidechairs, tables and the only original working fireplace on rails in the country. Adjoining this room are the sleeping areas. All fully air-conditioned, the President's Stateroom features a full double bed, bureau, closet, shower and toilet. The Secretary's Room has facing seats with a table for daytime, converting to upper and lower berths for night. There's also a closet, drawer space, toilet and washbasin, with keyed access to the President's shower when not in use.

The dining room--a great place to congregate--boasts a full-size table and chairs. A “public” bathroom with toilet and washbasin is conveniently adjacent. The dining room is also equipped with two additional beds which lower from the wall, each with its own reading light and storage area.

Fine Food and Fare.

With a vintage callbell system at your fingertips, your two-person staff will be at your beck and call Your dining
   experience: a memorable part of your journey. throughout your trip. From light refreshments to complete meals, everything will be prepared to your individual preferences. From moist breads and crisp rolls baked each day to fresh produce from local markets along the way to fine wines and other beverages, your dining experience will be a memorable part of your journey.

Your steward and chef have their own quarters, connecting with the car's kitchen. The original coal stove has been replaced with a modern range and the coal bin adapted for food and equipment storage. A full week of provisions for eight can be stored there and in the large refrigerator and freezer space.

Rekindle your romance with the rails.

Think of the Francis L. Suter as your private cruise liner. A party of six will find that it's comparably priced but promises a tapestry of scenery, memories and elegance long forgotten. Leisurely yet stylish, your custom excursion will have you and your group living in the lap of yesteryear luxury.